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The Magnolia Bride

The Magnolia Bride is a small, by appointment boutique, I get to know each bride individually as well as her mother, sisters and friends. I work closely with each bride to find her unique style and what makes her feel beautiful. My mission at The Magnolia Bride is to offer the best in service, selection and sincerity for every bride.


This is such a special time in a woman's life, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day. 


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About Nicole

 I have heard it said that in The Bridal Industry you are either in it for a day or a lifetime, it is a connection that is either there or it isn't.   I made my connection when I was 19, on day one, at my part time job in a little bridal boutique in Vermont, (honestly I would have paid them to work there).


I loved the fabrics, the stories and seeing women fall in love with their wedding gowns! Four years later I was lucky enough to open my own little boutique, Fiori Bridal, which I loved and grew for fifteen years, until an opportunity came our way to move to North Carolina, we decided to take a leap of faith and chase the sunshine. We sold everything, including my beloved Fiori, and settled in near Kernersville, NC.  


Over the next 9 years I was able to work for some amazing and talented designers in the bridal industry, but something was missing- I missed my brides, I missed my store and the idea for The Magnolia Bride was born. I had a vision for a small intimate boutique where I could with work one on one with a bride, to learn about her style, hear her story, make her feel safe and comfortable and hopefully make some magic happen along the way, by finding her dream wedding gown and accessories.  


I was born in Montreal, Canada, have very British parents, am married to my amazing and wicked smart husband, Scott. I am an unintentional collector of cats, love all things sparkly and like to wear a lot of black. In my free time, you can find me in the garden, re-upholstering furniture, spray painting something, or re-arranging furniture in the store and in my home.  


This is my story, I can't wait to hear yours!



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